Simple Blogging

Simple Blogging

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We took the simple approach to blogging. This layout reflects simplicity but solidity which is what we think some bloggers will love. This theme is easy to install, simply include it and change your theme. Best of all it is 100% free with all the Photoshop and Fireworks sources included so you can easily edit everything.


Platform - Wordpress 3+
Server Requirements - PHP 5.2.4+, MySQL 5.0+, Wordpress 3+
Browser Compatibility (Tested) - Chrome,Firefox,Safari,Opera,IE8+
Included - Wordpress Template files, Main Fireworks Source, Photoshop Sources, and Instructions.

License - Apache 2.0 GPL-Compatible License


  • project_info_features_checkSimple & Small Template
  • project_info_features_check100% Free and Open Source
  • project_info_features_checkEasy Installation

Simple sleek blogging with a simply modern layout completely free and open source.

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This template is standardized to WordPress's official standards.

Wordpress Theme Supports:

  • WP Custom Navigation Menus
  • WP Custom Backgrounds
  • WP Custom Headers
  • Automatic Feed Links


Full Layout From Scratch

layout_simple_blogging.png contains a fireworks format png to be opened with Adobe Fireworks CS5/CS6 or any fireworks file editor. This contains vectors that will be resizable without losing quality it also contains the full design from scratch and what it took to get to the full template including color scheme and base layout.

PSD Sources

The psd sources contain the exports from the fireworks file that are updated to work with the theme. They are exact image used in the actual theme.


All files including the design sources and images are licensed under the Apache 2.0 GPL-Compatible License

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  • Anonymous said...
    Bad! Not responsive !
  • XtC @ said...
    What do you think of this template? Feel free to post your feedback, suggestions, questions, etc. Thank you.
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